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Shipping Software With Advanced Features For Small Businesses


As world economy is comprised of individuals, communities, businesses and government agencies, all of whom rely on the movement of freight to satisfy essential needs. Hence, dependence on the freight industry for product delivery and the significance of the industry’s role in economic development is important to consider to ensure that the transportation system will be able to maintain an acceptable level of performance. Each mode (truck, rail, marine, air and pipeline operations) serves an important role in the freight delivery system. In many countries government and public agencies are beginning to understand the importance of moving in this direction. There is growing awareness at the state and metropolitan levels of the need to link state and local transportation freight investment for a better economic development.

Because supply chain and logistics has become a more highly recognized and implemented function in recent years, these positions are experiencing record growth across nearly every industry. The supply chain world is changing dramatically. Companies should embrace these changes, or they will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Specialized services, especially those familiar with import/export, international logistics, customs brokerage, and supply chain integration, are also seeing growth. But managing any size freight business is always challenging. General state of the economy, and energy/fuel costs were their three leading concerns for many small and medium logistics companies. Most small freight carriers don’t have substantial cash reserves and often find themselves with cash flow problems when a customer delays a payment or two.


More companies desire to have a better supply chain events and make informed logistics and transportation decisions based on reliable data. It has led to an increase in the global supply chain management software and services markets. Clear financial planning and other institutional mechanisms are needed to facilitate an integrated approach to public and private investment in managing shipping businesses. The growing need to provide suppliers and management with early warnings based on data obtained from internal enterprises internal resources and other supply chain management systems acts as a major driver for the uptake of supply chain solutions. The need for diversity in logistics positions means roles are changing – women and minorities are becoming a larger part of the supply chain and logistics workforce.


Freight Prophet is financial analytics software for small business shipping. They solve one of the most critical & complex problems for small businesses.

Freight Prophet is the only software to reconcile shipping invoices, expose costly problems in your shipping process, and recommend action on your customer shipping prices. They provide powerful financial insight into shipping businesses which is not provided by accounting software, empowering companies to make accurate, data-driven decisions.

Their solution is primarily focused on small & medium businesses, accountants/bookkeepers, and 3rd party logistics providers.


Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

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