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How Marketplace Can Help You Learn To Drive?


Are you looking to learn driving and find it inconvenient to find credible driving school? Well worry no more,, India’s first driving classes booking site came into existence to make it easy.

Success of aggregator portals like redbus, makemytripand many others made sure other services also get their own face on the web. Drivekool does this for driving schools and services offered by them, which was launched in mid-2014 by three founders Mahesh Gidwani, Saumitra Kayal and Kumar Gaurav. It was launched inIndian Silicon Valley Bangaloreand already has more than 60driving schools registered across the city.

Platform defines the right parameters like reviews, location proximity, type of vehicle offered, batch timings, duration of training provided and so on to select the right driving school for you. You can book the driving classes with the school of your pick from the list of driving school meeting your criteria. 24/7 support team has been setup by Drivekool to make the experience of learning how to drive a pleasure. No more horror dreams of hunting for right kind of driving school. It literally takes only few minutes to book driving classes online with drivekool.


Here is what Mahesh, CEO at drivekool has to say on social impact “we intend to transform the way people perceive safety here in India. Look at the numbers, every minute we have an accident and one of them claims a life every 3.7 minutes. Drivers were found responsible for accident in 77.5% cases, a staggering number. This is just crazy. Can you believe there are people who wear helmet so that they can fix their mobile to talk or wear seat belt when cops are around just to avoid fine? We believe government alone can’t improve the situation and everybody has to share responsibility of keeping our roads safe and we are doing just that”. Driving car has become an important life skill and people have started taking it seriously as well. They now seek professional help instead of learning it from their parents, brothers, or friend who happened to learn driving somehow and tend to unintentionally pass along their wrong habits and bad driving techniques.

“We knew we were going to have tough time convincing driving schools. And as expected it certainly was not easy to convince driving schools as they were not so tech savvy but then we showed them the value by providing them direct customers not just the leads, which was additional business for them”, says Kumar. “They are now comfortable working with us with us now and more and more of driving schools are signing up with us”, he adds.

Drivekool also ties up with corporates to attract customers and serve them at their door steps. “We are tying up with corporates to offer exclusive discounts and to serve their employees at door steps”, says Kumar. “We already have conducted many events at large MNC companies and to help their employees and we will continue to do so on regular basis”, complements Mahesh.

“We have successfully optimized the process with the help of technology to save significant amount of time for customers as well as driving schools”, mentions Saumitra, CTO at drivekool. On mobile strategy, he says “drivekool is working on mobile application that can be used to track quality of training provided by instructor on real time basis.”

Drivekool promotes itself aggressively on social media platforms, corporate events, school and colleges. The company has started generating early revenues and is looking at increasing the bookings in three digit mark per day.

On funding, they are looking to raise funds to scale up the operations and fuel the growth.

Looking at the staggering number of road accidents and mortality rate this kind of solution certainly seems to be need of an hour. Learn well, drive well and keep our roads safe. Have a safe and KOOL driving.


Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

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