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Your Website In 90 Seconds


We all know the challenges of developing a website on our own if you are not tech savvy. We’ve also known developers, designers struggle too to come up with a good features that suites the website the most at the same time give a good user experience.

And on the flipside of it small business wanting to make that investment to be present on the internet and reach a wider audience is also growing. Be it static websites or mini ecommerce sites that’s making their presence felt. This has also opened up vast opportunities for new payment gateways to help business owners to retain their customers base by giving payment options that they prefer the most.

Till date we’ve known Italy for their cuisines, but here comes a company that can help you create a website is just 90 seconds, the fastest we’ve known so far I guess.

Drystorm helps you create great looking, full featured, well tested website in matter of minutes. Unlike other service providers they handover the complete code to you which helps you in doing any changes. The code that’s given to you can be exported through Github, Heroku or through a zip file. Their three simple steps in generating a new website makes them really fast, simple and unique.

Please register with them to get early access to the fastest website that you intend to create.

Link: drystorm

We, the team of eXi wish them success in their journey.

Your support through any of the social groups is highly appreciated, this will also help them grow their network through you.


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