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Your Monthly Photo Subscription Service

We click more photos than ever before. Thanks to digital and mobile phone photography which has made it easy to document every walk of our life. The culture of photography is intruding on the preciousness of youth and parents photographing their children. In our online lives today, we have limitless access to information, megaphones to broadcast our thoughts to the world, and the ability to reach and be reached 24 hours a day. Teller

Printing photographs was the least popular activity these days, with people choosing to store images on websites or laptops and share them online. Printing photos is a long-forgotten act which have declined as technology has progressed. Because we can see and share photos without developing them, we don’t develop them, missing out on the joy of glancing at a photo stuck into the bathroom mirror or on the bedside table.

Imagine losing all your honeymoon photos, emails from that special someone, or the diary you’ve been building up for months! In most cases modern gadgets and gizmos work brilliantly, but when they do go wrong it can have dire consequences, including the loss of valuable and sentimental material.

This trend is slowly rewinding, as people looking for ways to bring their pictures out of their phones and into their lives.

Timeshel is a New York based iOS subscription service that documents life stories by printing & delivering up to 30 photographs a month.

They just don’t print iPhone photos, they documents and preserves life stories through a rich narrative experience & creative packaging.

Getting prints has never been so simple, select up to 30 photos each month from your camera roll and add them to your timeshel story. It’s as easy as 4 taps from the home screen. At the end of each month, timeshel prints your story and sends it to you in the shel. Double tapping photos can get two copies of your favourite ones.

Prints come in two sizes: a rectangle and a square; both with a quarter inch white border. Add any combination of the two sizes to your story and timeshel will print them all.

Their genuine photographic prints boast archival quality you can see and feel, they promise to stand the test of time.

Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

Your support through any of the social groups is highly appreciated, this will also help them grow their network through you.

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