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App That Helps Find Beauty In People Around Us

Are you the introvert kind for whom expressing feelings to someone becomes a burden?

Do you often find yourself flushed in your face when it comes to being vocal about your innermost thoughts to your friends or acquaintances?

Or even giving the simplest appreciation puts immense stress on your mind?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, this may lead many of us into scenarios wherein we lose someone valuable or even unable to develop fruitful relationships just because of our inability to express things at the right time to the right person.


With today’s world shrinking at a neck-breaking speed and new technologies being added every day , social media boon is a silver lining in the communication world which  allows us to stay connected with each other at all times. Improvisation in the same has taken the communication amongst people to the new heightened level, thus overcoming the barriers of time and distance, needless to say.

Taking this trend further and with an intent to empower people to express unflinchingly, Mr. Calvin Liu has come up with a unique and wonderfully designed social media application Outpour that allows one to say beautiful things about each other on the social platform .The beauty of it all is the anonymity that one gets to maintain ,hence overcoming the mental blockade that people carry for not being able to express openly .Liu has consciously improvised on the drawbacks of other applications such as Secret and YikYak. While these applications even let the users hurl hurtful comments more easily, the same cannot be done in case of Outpour users. A user will have extract someone’s profile to post negative comments and hence  consequently choose to violate the norms of the application.Liu and team has also facilitated users to delete  such negative comments and even block  offenders.  If a user is found to be blocked by more than one person, he may further be banned from being a part of Outpour community. Also, the problem of a user having multiple accounts is tackled during registration by asking him or her to provide a unique phone number.


The prime focus of Outpour is to protect users from various threats of abuse and bulling while allowing them to enjoy all the striking things being said about them. Going forward, Liu with his creative acumen doesn’t want to limit this appreciation to people but extend it to various other spheres like being able to express things about a particular food you liked in a restaurant, a book that you enjoyed in a bookstore or even parks for that matter .Brands could create their own profiles, thus helping in revenue generation with time. Though as of now, Liu is in the process of deciding how he would generate revenue from users of Outpour, one being offering gift ideas as a token of appreciation to someone and keeping a part of it as his share.

Until Liu achieves his final goal, for all the apple mobile users, Outpour is right here for you but android users will have to wait a little more until you go there pouring out your words!!So, here’s to apple users who you are looking for a little help to say few beautiful things, you can now put wings to your thoughts and let them fly to others through Outpour!

Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

Your support through any of the social groups is highly appreciated, this will also help them grow their network through you.

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