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New Open Source PM tool focussed on usability

Being a software developer, its almost a norm for me to use a project management tool. After all, everything – from my next task to current task’s status to software bugs, everything is on the tool. But most of the times, I almost feel like being forced to use the software instead of being able to use it instinctively.

This is not a good scenario, too much of time and effort is being wasted in just asking people update the status everyday/week. Wouldn’t it be better if people actually did it themselves, without any reminders and warnings? For that to be possible, the tool has to be designed very well, keeping usability in mind. But a tool designed so well, will come at its own price. Right?

Taiga Homepage

Well, not so right. Taiga – an open source project management tool is designed keeping in mind the users and not the project managers. Being open source, Taiga is free to download and use on your own servers. Even if you want to use it as SaaS, you can do it for free (if you have no problems with your project being public). Developed around python, Taiga is completely web based and has a nice, refreshing new UI which will encourage developers to adopt it.


Agile has slowly become the software development methodology of choice these days for everyone – whether a startup or a big MNC. Rightly so, because Agile perfectly matches the real world scenarios of quick release cycles, optimum resource utilization etc. In such scenario, Taiga – build around Agile methodology, makes even more sense.

To get started with an Agile project in Taiga, just select scrum when creating your new project in Taiga. The template automatically gets updated with fields like sprint details, task boards, burn down charts. You can then easily add sprints on the right hand side bar. With each sprint you also get the sprint task board – showing the tasks related to the particular sprint. There are couple of other fields too – enough to show you the project progress, still looking uncluttered.


Kanban has its roots in Japan. It is an approach to incremental, evolutionary process and systems change for organizations. It uses a work-in-progress limited pull system as the core mechanism to expose system operation (or process) problems and stimulate collaboration to continuously improve the system. While traditionally used in manufacturing, it is now widely used as a variation of Agile methodology.

Taiga lets you adopt Kanban as well, for your software development methodology. Just select kanban template while creating the project. Even if your project is created with agile template you can select kanban later on the left side menu bar.


Gamification has been touted as one of the most effective ways to engage users & customers alike. Not only engagement, it also gives you an insight of user behaviour. Taiga has embedded gamification to the core. There are badges, medals etc which developers can use to appreciate others efforts. Even the project planning is gamified with stuff like poker planning.

Features Taiga

I really hope Taiga, can help solve the problem of project management that developers are facing.

Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

Your support through any of the social groups is highly appreciated, this will also help them grow their network through you.

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