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Better Talent Evaluation Process For Employers


The topic of ‘recruitment’ always generates a lot of discussion due to complexities and difficulties involved. Hiring is always challenging – it is a demanding industry that requires high standards of service. Unlike before, it is not just experience and qualifications that the employers look for, it is also ‘people skills’ – the ability to deliver service while maintaining high process standards, all the time. For decades, companies have emphasised “competencies” in hiring instead of looking for candidates with the right potential. Hiring isn’t that painful as people make it out to be. By interviewing all the time and opening up positions to experienced developers unfamiliar with your stack, you should have a much larger pool of people to cull from.

Based on the current recession, recruiters and hiring managers are forced to work with smaller recruiting budgets and fewer resources, making recruiting more challenging today than ever before. Despite the increase in unemployment rate (which means an increasing amount of available talent), many employers report that they still cannot find qualified talent for their open positions. In today’s challenging economic times, companies simply cannot afford the costs associated with hiring skilled/unskilled workers, high turnover rates and time taken to hire. Time has come for companies to rethink their old recruiting strategies in efforts to quickly and effectively fill the “candidate funnel” with the quality of applicants they need. Hiring the right candidate at the right time is one of the most important aspects of success in business. However, inexperience, lack of time and an insufficient professional network can all lead to recruitment challenges. For many organizations, talent assessment and sourcing processes are neither automated nor optimized, thus creating serious bottlenecks. The negative consequences of these bottlenecks include slow time to hire, low quality of hire, reduced hiring productivity, and inconsistent collaboration and feedback.


In the current scenario companies use multiple channels to source candidates, hence it is impossible to ensure that all those candidates applying for you will be suitable, but one can narrow down the initial flow of applications by wording the ad or a job posting so that it is directed at a targeted group of people. It’s just a matter of providing the right information for the job seekers. On the other hand qualified applicants are choosy and select a small group of job ads to send their resumes to. Hence job posting need to help them make that decision by providing as much information about the company and the role hiring for. As most applicants send profiles based on the listing: qualifications, work experience, references, and excellent personal qualities that will make them the ideal candidate for the job. Hence a tool to help career consultants, academic institutions and employers in choose right candidates suitable for specific job can come in as a great time and money saver. Screening resumes is both costly and time consuming affair for many organizations. Recruiter biases in reading them and human error lead to bad-hires and missed opportunities. A good screening process, well-planned interviews, personality assessment tests will ensure the right candidate finds you and is picked for the job to fulfil companies expectations.

ThinkNation is a talent matching platform that enables companies and recruiters to test, evaluate and screen developers at an early stage (sourcing stage).


ThinkNation does it by attaching a skill-based test to a job posting. Thus by saving employers and recruiters substantial amount of time and money for recruiting developers. Employers can quickly and easily evaluate candidates at the pre-screening stage itself, allowing them to focus on interviewing only the best qualified candidates. Employers are also able to filter developers by programming languages, frameworks, or other technical skill-sets to find the best suitable match for the role.

ThinkNation is currently analyzing and matching over 100,000 software development jobs in Canada.

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