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3DaaS (3D as a Service) – Starting A 3D Business Made Easy


New revelations are being discovered using 3d technology. 3D printing has also fuelled a boom in online 3D printing services, providing a new type of service that fills the gap between professional 3D printers and inexpensive models. It’s now possible for anyone with an idea to create tangible items from 3D printers, from iPhone cases, toys, jewellery to nearly anything and everything. 3D printing is becoming affordable for individuals – engineers, innovators, designers, jewellers, artists, doctors – anyone who wants to get a new design out, 3D printing is the way to do it. Using 3D printing one can design and make their own products and upload to sell on various online sites (which act as online marketplaces). With a set of simple web-based design tools anyone can create robots they want. A finished 3D printed robot ranges from 2-inch to 6-inch.


3D Technology can help reveal findings inside humans that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. In the research undertaken by the many Universities, both tooth roots and inner ear cavities were better understood using 3D technology. The ability to scale up the model prior to printing further enhances and reveals new findings. All these findings are worth little if they cannot be shown to the interested public. Objet replicas can be created using 3D technology. Fossils displayed at exhibitions and museums across the globe use 3D technology which otherwise would have been impossible with the original fossil because its uniqueness and fragility don’t allow the part to be easily moved. As the original fossil cannot be damaged to reveal internal structures researchers now can scan the fossil and then digitally print the results. Object technology is allowing anthropologists to better understand the past using state of the art 3D technology. 3D printing is also helping researchers to study human brain size evolution easily.

With communication and non-invasive replication possibilities, ‘Real Virtuality’ in various applications and exhibitions, many are showing interest in 3D printers in the hope to make everything with it and share with everybody in the world. Thanks to 3D technology which is making a large dent for human-beings in real life. Fablabs needs to be created and expanded worldwide to connect emerging network of localized fabrication technologies with people who need 3d stuff printed, CNC’ed, or otherwise made.

df3d is a design factory for 3d printing. The company offers cloud based platforms for designs and software in the area of 3d printing.


The company enables anyone to start a Retail or Online 3d printing business by providing end to end consultancy, support, software and design platforms to enable businesses. An existing 3d printing business, can enhance their  experience with their e-commerce marketplace, cloud based plugins & design back-end. Choose between scalable plugins tailored to your requirements & custom design back-end tailored to your customers and market.

Platforms like this can help people of all age to learn 3D printing, modelling and design a prototype. It can also support manufacturing of a wide variety of items, from simple 3D objects to complex mechanical/electronic products.

Click the link below to get one and change the world!


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