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Marketplace For Connecting Brands With Best Visual Creatives

Humans are visual creatures, and sometimes the best way for us to learn or understand a new concept is to actually see it. This is desirable because visual thinking happens much more quickly than conscious, step-by-step logical thinking.

In humans, information is understood immediately, if not consciously, by viewing a design. It is common place in media studies to observe that we live in a world where individuals are bombarded with a large quantity and range of images and messages from television, radio, print, the internet, other forms of media, and the advertising and corporate material that surrounds us.

Visual thinking can offer a rich palette upon to express what’s possible in compelling, colourful formats, and empowers one to share insights with others in memorable and inspiring ways. Displaying complex information through visuals can be clear and introduce variety into delivery technique. But one should be familiar with the equipment required to create and display visual, and deploy creatively in presentations mixing techniques and media to create an impact. It’s getting harder for future scenarios to express through writing in a meaningful way; such narratives become so verbose that it’s hard to understand the impact of the future they describe.

Creative tasks, on the other hand, are understood to take longer, and lead to a more reflective process, where time is taken thinking about what is to be produced, and how this can be achieved; and furthermore, during the time it takes to make the work, the participant will have spent time – creative time – thinking about the concept and the audience response to it, so that by the end of the process, even if we do ultimately resort to language, they will have developed a set of responses which may be quite different to what their initial ‘gut reaction’ may have been. For creative professionals, having a constant flow of visual inspiration can lead to some great ideas and thus, great work.
But searching for things that inspire us can sometimes be a pain and time consuming.

One of the biggest tasks for many is to find images that best suits them. A visual search engine really comes in handy in such scenarios. More than words, graphics and images can be powerful tools – but they must be used with great care to enhance, not detract from, your content marketing and branding. Unfortunately, as visual content grows in popularity and inexpensive tools make graphics and images easier to create, many marketers create mediocre visual content that gets ignored by the very people it was supposed to influence. Even worse, some marketers post confusing or poor-quality images that don’t look like they’re from the same brand or meet audience perceptions of the brand.

Kapcher is an invite-only marketplace connecting brands and individuals with worldwide community of hand-picked visual storytelling talents including professional photographers, videographers, cinematographers, editors, animators and illustrators. Brands can take advantage of Kapcher to discover, hire and collaborate with talented creative’s to craft digital visual content that people love.

The platform makes seamless and easy for both brands and the creatives they work with. The entire life-cycle from recruiting to delivering the final projects. Kapcher have won third-prize at Sydney Start-up Weekend and became the top 15 most voted Australian start-ups in the Global Start-up Battle in 2014.

Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

Your support through any of the social groups is highly appreciated, this will also help them grow their network through you.

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