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Marketplace For Brands To Connect With Their Consumers


Brands are feverishly building social media programs/campaigns to be where their consumers are. Most marketers seek intangibles such as “likes” and “followers”, but a successful social media engagement does not stop here. It gets consumers to engage not just with the brand, but also with their friends. To make this all work, brands should create engaging offers, drive traffic using owned and paid media and build in authentic incentives for credible consumer engagement. Creativity is often at play here – we’ve seen incentives like coupons, sweepstakes, games to cloud data storage, and free recipes.

As majority of consumers confess that they trust recommendations from their friends and family, above all other forms of product information. Social referral programs are uniquely capable of creating and building advocacy that leads to loyalty, especially when businesses spot and engage their influencers. Using multiple communication channels – including email – and simultaneously tracking and measuring all the outcomes, across channels is considered to be one of the most successful campaigns. As they can also be laser-focused in enabling consumers to involve.


Marketing models have evolved over time. The models differ in how they define the target, what action the target is expected to take, what is being sold and what kind of results are expected. For brands emotional connection is considered as one of the powerful way to link to their target market. This connection is the degree to which a customer care about beyond brands rational attributes. It is more psychological than logical and more unconscious than conscious. Above all, emotional connection can make a big impact on brands business. According to study, brands that evoke a stronger emotional response will be able to sell better, create rabid customer loyalty and charge higher percent than their competitors. Customers were willing to trade up to such products across many business across categories.

Connected customers are customers that love a brand. They buy from them again and again; they spend more on their website; and they serve as brand advocates within their networks. The connected customer is eager to engage across multiple channels and devices. In the online marketplace, the connected customer provides the straightest path to success, paying dividends across the entire customer lifecycle. Today’s almost every consumer is turning to digital first—it’s how they prefer to research, shop, bank, and be engaged. The benefit is brands can also use digital channels to better tie consumer activity to brand performance across all channels.


SponsorBrite is a platform for marketers who seek to connect emotionally with their customers. They deliver leads, brand awareness, goodwill and an exclusive channel in a highly scalable and measurable way. Their Email Open Rates – +95% , Email Click Through – +50% and Time on Pages – + 3 mins on an average.

They do this by selling sponsorship-marketing opportunities via their fundraising platform. Fundraisers connect people to causes they care about. SponsorBrite controls this channel as people communicate with peers, give money, and share on social networks.

Their platform is high engaging, viral and creates emotional connections with customers, creates deep brand-awareness, lead generation, measurable results, and data analytics.

Link: sponsorbrite

Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

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