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Making Fashion Transparent, Sustainable & Affordable For Men And Women

When it comes to clothes, we like to buy without much thinking. It makes sense – fashionable clothes are available at many outlets for low prices, so the “buy first, ask questions later” mentality prevails. For men and women who are fashionable it’s painful that they can’t go on buying clothes. Many brands these days are focusing on low-cost clothing to make fashion affordable to everyone. The phrase “fast fashion” which refers to low-cost clothing collections that mimic current luxury fashion trends. Fast fashion helps sate deeply held desires among young consumers in the industrialized world for luxury fashion.


Fashion which is sustainable (also called eco fashion) is part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability. There are many factors when considering the sustainability of a material. The renewability and source of a fibre, the process of how a raw fibre is turned into a textile, the working conditions of the people producing the materials, and the material’s total carbon footprint. It’s a step towards creating a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility. These days the word “eco-friendly,” “organic” and “sustainable” gets branded automatically. The eco-friendly fashion market continues to grow, new crops of labels are taking the industry by storm. Trends run their course with lightning speed, with today’s latest styles swiftly trumping yesterday’s, which have already been consigned to the trash bin.


The word “Sustainability” has many definitions, with the three most common being an activity that can be continued indefinitely without causing harm; doing unto others as you would have them do unto you; and meeting a current generation’s needs without compromising those of future generations. “Sustainability is about much more than our relationship with the environment; it’s about our relationship with ourselves, our communities, and our institutions. Sustainability involves complex and changing environmental dynamics that affect human livelihoods and well-being, with intersecting ecological, economic, and socio-political dimensions, both globally and locally.

Over the past decade, sustainability and ethical conduct have begun to matter in fashion as companies have realized that affordable and trend-sensitive fashion, while typically highly profitable, also raises ethical issues. Offering fashion which is sustainable, ethical yet affordable should be the aim of every stockist to promote sustainable fashion design. For very few companies being sustainable means a lot: respect for people (at all levels of the organization), the community, and its supply chain; respect for the planet, recognizing that resources are finite; and generating profits that arise from adhering to these principles.


Constant Simplicity is a sustainable fashion brand for men and women. As they design, source and produce to the highest possible quality and use an analysis of the environmental impact of each fabric, component and stitch as a base to their decisions.

Their data-driven approach to production helps them make the best decisions in terms of sourcing and manufacturing. As a result, they can offer their customers complete transparency in their supply chain and ensure the minimum possible impact in terms of resources and people. Their consumers are with an above median income and consider themselves as caring for the environment, 33% of millennial & 44% of Gen X, who shop frequently online. Their integrated marketing strategy is driven by the compelling stories of their brand, their unique process, resource savings and all of the people and communities involved in each step.


Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

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