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How To Travel Free In First Class?

1st Class is for business-men, millionaires  and billionaires, Billionaires won’t be asking for a free upgrade so you are going to have to be a business-man. Essentially first class is like staying in a backpackers lodge for Rich people – it’s the only time they ever share a room with anyone other than themselves. ...

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Online Weather Data For Better Business Planning

Mother Nature mixes rain and snow, cold and hot, windy and calm, and humid and dry into the variable we call weather. Weather forecasting has evolved and the availability of weather information and forecasts has increased significantly over the years. Scientific research suggests that more frequent extreme weather is here to stay. We make ...

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Want To Acquire More Customers Through Existing Customer?

Customer loyalty programs are common and also not new. The “first” loyalty programs was first cited in 1930s, a grocery stores which provided stamps to customers based on the sale. Stamps could later be redeemed for house-wares and other goods. The escalation of these stamps programs – basically, a game of one-upmanship among competing ...

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