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Digital On-boarding Of New Joiners

  Majority of new hires (around 80%) make the decision to stay or leave an organization within their first six months and around 25% of all turnover occurs in the first 45 days of joining. Hence having a formal on-boarding increases the chance of retaining a new employee for at least 3 years. The ...

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Text Analytics For Recruitment Industry

We are constantly surrounded by information, and being able to evaluate the credibility of information is an important skill be it in school, work, and day-to-day life. With so much advertising, controversy, and blogging going on, different standards for credibility is required, and often this depends on how the information is going to be ...

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Want To Buy Stocks In Your Favorite Band?

There are countless articles that have been circulating the internet for years now on how music piracy is killing the music industry at the expense of starving musicians and all others directly involved in the industry. There are still many new bands that attempt their luck and talents starting from nowhere other than their ...

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Marketplace For Civic Participation

The definitions of civic engagement has a wide range activities; broadly, civic engagement is the collective work of individuals or groups (in some cases both) directed at positive community change. It also refers to the promotion or accumulation of knowledge, skills, values and motivation necessary to achieve community change. And can occurs through both ...

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Get Job Call Only When You Want It

Recruitment is the most important activity in the highly competitive labour market. The traditional methods of hiring is slowly fading away with the revolution of Internet. Internet is playing a major role in recruitment process and it has been adopted in many organizations from large to small-sized companies. Posting jobs and accept resumes on ...

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Real New Learning With Unique Teachers

Learning doesn’t stop just because school does. People who are truly effective generally do not close their learning doors. Real learning is when it is applied to themselves to constant learning and competing against themselves to grow and learn day by day, everyday. Making a commitment to yourself to learn something new every day, ...

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