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Fashion For The Perfect Men and Women

The word “fashion” in the today’s world is no more a privilege of a select few but penetrated every household across the globe. Here’s to the revolution technology has brought in, which has changed the entire façade of the fashion industry. A decade back, no one could fathom that clothes could actually  be bought in from being in the  comforts of one’s home  or even while on the move. Needless to say, the old cliché ‘customer is the king’ has been brought to life in its truest sense. Fashion technologists have ingeniously metamorphosized fashion and embarked us on the ever-expanding, enchanting journey of innovative ways of shopping .With the advent of smart phones and its varied applications, retailers and shoppers can now stay connected without the latter being physically present, which is prodigious boon for the fashion commerce.


Trends in social media like live fashion events, captivating designs by designers online, wearable technology like Google glass, compelling fashion PR activities, creative sale strategies like Instagram have given an immense boost to many established and start-up companies who are coming up with creative ideas to enthrall customers into online shopping. The experience does not limit a customer into buying but also giving reviews and opinions of the products used on the social platform to help others make better choices. Yet, with millions of designs, colors, style and pattern available online, we often find ourselves at crossroads, especially when it comes to fitting of a particular garment, leaving us perplexed.


While we were still groping for that solution, Linkqlo has just solved that for us. Here’s an answer to shopaholics and people looking for just the right fits of attire but unable to quench their zest for that perfect look which fits their body size and type. While many of us would choose to accept clothes that almost nearly fit us, there are others who wouldn’t settle for any less even after rummaging through thousands of brands for that perfect size and look and still remain indecisive.


If you are one amongst those perfectionist kinds, Linkqlo is where you need to look.  Linkqlo is a Silicon Valley startup based in Palo Alto, California who is offering solutions for every person –men and women to get the body fit of clothing that they desire. Its interesting concept lets us connect to people globally who share our body measurements through mobile social community and thus helps us choose better fitting clothes. Not only it enables us to buy clothes, but allows us to even contribute our fashion acumen to others who may be benefitted from the tips shared by you.


Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

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