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Crowdfunding Enters Energy Sector


We’ve heard of crowdfunding concept enter almost every industry possible. The concept definitely opens on larger perspective for investors involved to ideate and come up with fresh and different thoughts to make the concept a big success. So far we had not heard of the concept entering the oil and gas sector.

Conventionally, only endowment and pension funds could have direct access to the investments in oil and gas sector be it public or private companies.

eafunds is a New York based online marketplace which has come up with a crowdfunding platform on oil and gas sector for US and Canada.

An individual, family, business or small intuitions can invest in the energy revolution of the top tier public and private oil and gas operators. Thus an accredited investor can pool in capital and become a minority owner in oil and gas wells operated by public or private companies across US and Canada.

All the investment options are at the asset level and not at the company level, thus opening it up to vast majority of investors. The investment starts from mere $1 and to the upper-limit of $15 million for deployment and from $5 to $50 million on the life of the project. Their complete paperwork is online making the investors to browse on the list of portfolios available for investment, view details of the investment you want to make and sign their legal agreements online.


We,the team of eXi wish them success in their journey.

Your support through any of the social groups is highly appreciated, this will also help them grow their network through you.

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