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Solving Administrative Challenges For Schools

School as an open system and a social organization thrives on the effective interrelationship within it and with its relevant administrators. There is a hard pressed need for moral leadership in schools grounded in individuals’ aspirations, needs, goals, values, and commitments to perform competently. Administrative challenges and strategies of managing a school can be a nightmare. Major challenges in administering a school includes: lack of initiative among school administrators; poor value on education; attitude of depending on government; lack of facilities; parents’ irregular attendance at parent teachers meetings; and lack of devotion among teachers and community members. Success or failure to a large extent depends on the general educational administration by the principal and their staff, as they are directly responsible for maintaining the relationship between the school and their children. There are numerous challenges before the general education and before the agencies of school administration.


There are many instances of a school losing a licence for poor or mismanaged administration. Some challenges can obstruct the process of school administration, hence a need for handling with care arises. It is believed that when principal has problems, the whole school system is affected by those problems. A principal might face many dilemmas while managing schools, biggest among all is in the fear of losing control. Hence the need to be everywhere arises. But some principals are only in those offices as salary earners without any responsibility. They lack initiatives in handling sophisticated issues or grow ‘I don’t care’ attitude. On the contrary, teachers and school principals should be able to raise the overall achievement levels of students across all grade levels by facilitating student involvement and engagement, consciously using more formative evaluation strategies, and teaching to the whole person.


Increased calls for accountability in school systems have in extreme cases prompted some school districts to doctor school graduation and dropout rates. Hence developing positive ways in which principals, teachers and administrators impacting student learning can lead to better youth. Identifying and comment on key characteristics that would help teachers and principals foster self-directed learning, increase student achievement, evaluate learning competencies, and demonstrate continual improvement in their schools has become a mandate. Teachers, administrators and principals focusing on nurturing relationships strive to provide individuals with appropriate information, resources, and incentives needed to perform well in their tasks.

Developing and implementing effective tools that are aligned with developmental stage of students, with necessary tactics to cope with student learning and/or behavioural problems, and providing coordinated communication with parents has become a mandate for school to run successfully.


MRKR is a cloud based online solution for class, student attendance and staff management. Teachers will be able to mark assignments, take attendance, assign seating/lockers and review their students performance all in one convenient place.

Every activity is automatically saved and accessible from any computer or tablet at school or home.

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