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Social News Room: Content Is Created, Collaborated & Published In One Place


Journalism has been going through several major technological changes during the past few decades. Print revolution started with the invention of printing by Johann Gutenberg in the 14th century, next important development was the arrival of telegraph. Many of twentieth century’s scoops were transmitted over telegraph and telex lines. The telephones brought in a fast means for the reporter to gather information. However, it was not used much for actual transmission of news as vocal communication was more prone to errors. The telephone, incidentally, gave the inspiration for radio. Parallel to these developments was the evolution of photography, motion picture photography and television.

The pace of these changes is quickening now, altering the practice of the profession as never before. These changes, which encompass a wide range of activities from news gathering to dissemination, are bringing many benefits. Computers have now brought about major changes to the scenario. The way reporters gathered and disseminated news is changing. Internet is emerging as a medium of mass communication. That brings in fresh competition to other media, forcing positive changes. Internet began as medium for sharing information among military establishments and research institutions. Now, it is increasingly being identified by the common man as a news medium, very similar to radio and television.


Many traditional and non-traditional media outlets report and comment on how the Internet and social media, especially social networking, have begun to seriously affect news organizations and the way they operate. Although newspapers currently face a crisis on how to make the news profitable in the digital age. Social networking sites like Twitter, has begun to affect the news organizations and changed how journalists perform their jobs every day. Media industry publications and critics often mention a media shift from traditional outlets, like newspapers and magazines, to digital news sources. Going a step beyond simply being online, media organizations have begun to consider how news organizations use social media tools to keep their audiences and, most importantly, to keep bringing in funds to support themselves.

New ideas in the media has not only benefited journalists but has also helped individuals a way to speak up to the world. The research states how current state of traditional and social media is building a two-way conversationally driven world which will change the face of journalism.


Scripbe is a modern social news platform designed for both readers and publishers, with current focus on converting high schools goers to Scripbe from either independent WordPress websites or printing papers.

Unlike others, Scripbe doesn’t have hosting, setup or any monthly fees issues. Overall resulting in saving money for private/public education institutions. News publishers create Paper’s and readers create profiles. News on Script is creditable, and unlike popular social news sites, only approved users that have access to a Paper can publish stories. A users news feed is populated with news articles from the Papers they are following and can promote news to the national front page. The national front page of Scripbe showcases the highest ranked news from around the nation in real-time.


Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

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