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Manage & Analyse Your Business Contracts With Just 2 Clicks

Regardless of the business you are in, vendors play a key role in the success of a business. Hence, building a mutually strong relationship with a vendor will strengthen company’s overall performance in the marketplace. Ignoring will only result in a dysfunctional relationship that will have the potential to negatively impact on business. The time, money and energy put in ...

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How To Build Your Own Online Identity?


Every year, millions of babies are born on earth. Those who survive will sooner or later undergo the initiation process of receiving a name. At one time anthropologists thought that some groups of people were so “primitive” and unorganized that they didn’t use names. We now know that the anthropologists were mistaken and that the idea came about because research ...

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Online Weather Data For Better Business Planning


Mother Nature mixes rain and snow, cold and hot, windy and calm, and humid and dry into the variable we call weather. Weather forecasting has evolved and the availability of weather information and forecasts has increased significantly over the years. Scientific research suggests that more frequent extreme weather is here to stay. We make plans based on certain weather conditions ...

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Want To Acquire More Customers Through Existing Customer?


Customer loyalty programs are common and also not new. The “first” loyalty programs was first cited in 1930s, a grocery stores which provided stamps to customers based on the sale. Stamps could later be redeemed for house-wares and other goods. The escalation of these stamps programs – basically, a game of one-upmanship among competing stores – led to their demise ...

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Better Talent Evaluation Process For Employers


The topic of ‘recruitment’ always generates a lot of discussion due to complexities and difficulties involved. Hiring is always challenging – it is a demanding industry that requires high standards of service. Unlike before, it is not just experience and qualifications that the employers look for, it is also ‘people skills’ – the ability to deliver service while maintaining high process ...

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Shipping Software With Advanced Features For Small Businesses


As world economy is comprised of individuals, communities, businesses and government agencies, all of whom rely on the movement of freight to satisfy essential needs. Hence, dependence on the freight industry for product delivery and the significance of the industry’s role in economic development is important to consider to ensure that the transportation system will be able to maintain an ...

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Fixing Server Alerts Automatically In Minutes

The four words line “The server is down” can strike fear and despair in the hearts of users and network team. We all have our own methods to identify and correct server problems. Most of us probably have certain things we go through, or steps we follow. It’s important to determine which category your problem fits into; otherwise, you can waste ...

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An Academy For Brainstorming Ideas


Brainstorming with a group of known people is a effective technique. It creates new ideas, solves problems, motivates and develops teams. It’s motivating because it involves members of a team to solve a bigger management issue. It also helps in getting the team working together. It is crucial as it needs to involve the team, which means that everyone must ...

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Emails Made Easy, Just Like Instant Messaging


E-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication. Some publications spell it as “email” and some spell it as e-mail. E-mail was one of the first uses of the Internet and is still the most popular one. Highest percentage of the total traffic over the Internet is e-mail. Email is a great way of getting information to ...

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