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    Online Platform For Developers To Get Their Code Reviewed

    The smart phone market has seen rapid development in the recent few years. Since the first blackberry was introduced for business users in 1999. It took 8 years until smart phones were sold for the mass consumer market, beginning with the beginning of iPhone in 2007. After the success of the iPhone many other players followed offering smart phones for ...

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    Goal Achieving Platform In A Social & Fun To Do Way


    Conscious goal setting is the foundation of successful individual or a venture. There are an enormous number of goal setting systems and methodologies out there. A method that works very well for you to set goals for everything that is required to achieve in life, and is one of the most important thing to identify and adapt. There isn’t a ...

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    Educational Mobile Games Teaching Kids To Live Healthier


    Wellapets, is a Mobile App for iOS and Android users aimed to keep kids healthy by series of revolutionary games. Rates of chronic conditions among kids are growing fast enough to worry any parent. In some communities, the prevalence of asthma, which affects over 6 million US kids, has doubled in the last decade. After witnessing the hardships that families ...

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    New Way Of Communication With Your Smart Devices

    The smart phone represents the current pinnacle of mobile phone development, which couples additional functionalities of a PDA along with phone capabilities. In comparison between phone and handheld computer, the phone has the dominant genes—smart phones generally look more like phones than PDAs. Smart phones are much more than just communication devices, with additional computing built in it. Compare this ...

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    Online Platform For Developers To Get Their Code Reviewed


    GitColony is a place recommended for all those software developers who want to build their online reputation. The site helps developers to submit their code to get reviewed by the set of colony to build a reputation. When it comes to matching code with reviewers it typically happens very similar to a dating site. The review process is done on ...

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    Paperless/Digital Lottery Tickets


    Lottery market was originated from Italy in the 16th century. The issuance of lottery dated back in ancient Rome & ancient Greece. Till date, 139 countries and regions have issued lottery, including USA, Spain, Germany, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Greek, Brazil, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, India, Norway, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia and Bulgaria, etc. Today, ...

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    Games That Can Earn You Cash


    Gamrzedge is a Californian company who’ve created a free gaming community for gaming enthusiasts to explore games around the world and earn rewards as cash. The games featured on the platform are from some of the industry toppers like PC, XBOX, Playstation consoles and many more. An user needs to be 18 years and above to sign up with them ...

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    Games For Better Learning


    Interactive game based learning is used to raise awareness in the students concerning questions of sustainability. Sustainability being very complex and a larger problem to be addressed in the learning arena. More sustainable approach is to use simulation games for students to get more detailed and holistic. By numerous surveys, there is enough evidence to prove that an interactive game ...

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    World’s First Remote Control Running Robot


    Robots have become task masters that would be dangerous and even sometimes impossible for humans to do. It is more known for it speed, efficiency, low maintenance, no labour problems at the same time can be accurate and it can do it continuously. A robot can do whatever you make him to do. We have robots literally everywhere. This Computer ...

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    Meridion Is World’s First Decentralized Knowledge Engineering Game


    Meridion Is World’s First Decentralized Knowledge Engineering Game Games created to solve a specific problem can be really interesting and also gather the larger crowd. Meridion is a game that’s created to solve some hardcore engineering problems. As they say its “World’s First Decentralized Knowledge Engineering Game”. An multiplayer game which is decentralized for people with different skills and experience ...

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