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    New Way Of Searching For Your Best Home

    An organization needs multidisciplinary team to attain significant cost reduction and support from the top management will help to a large extent. Many public and private businesses have adopted alternate methods to realize cost savings and achieve additional benefits for their organizations. Workplace technologies often support these alternative work arrangements. Ideally, alternate methods can decrease facility and employee related costs ...

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    Real Estate Industry Gets A New Approach Via Crowdfunding


    Real estate crowdfunding has been praised as “the next big thing” in real estate investing. For those of you who have not been closely following the birth of this trend, the idea behind equity crowdfunding is to raise capital from a large number of individuals or entities to invest in a given project, a modern twist on syndication. This method ...

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    Meeting Place For Individuals Who Are Working From Home


    Work from home theory is fast gaining popularity because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. As individuals are not bound by fixed working hours, they can schedule their work at the time when they feel most productive and convenient to them. Women benefit a lot from this concept of work since they can balance their home and ...

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    An App To Track Building And Construction Projects


    Real estate development, or property development, is a multifaceted business, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved land or parcels to others. Developers are the coordinators of the activities, converting ideas on paper into real property. Real estate development is different from construction, although ...

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    New Way Of Searching For Your Best Home


    The revolution in technology is changing the way real-estate industry is doing business every day. Real-estate companies no longer are thinking that just a presence is not enough. With just a website, a mobile app or a Facebook page you no longer can attract customer and make them happy. Instead, being in the game one needs to actively engaging with ...

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    Smart Cleaning Services For Your Smart Office


    Cleaning companies earn income by being contracted by individuals, businesses or corporations to carry out cleaning jobs on a variety of premises. They are found in plenty virtually every town and city in the world, with a higher presence in affluent regions. Typically these companies market their services via a professional sales force, advertising, word of mouth, or websites. Commercial ...

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    Want To Buy A Commercial Property In UK?


    Buying a piece of property in another country is a good strategy for diversifying investment portfolio. This trend has picked up well in the last few years. HNI’s investing in properties in other countries for rentals is turning out to be a safest bet in today’s scenario. An investment in foreign real estate requires active and ongoing management and administration ...

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    Floating Hotel Enters Europe

    Dutch Docklands - 02

    Dutch Docklands is a Netherland based company focusing on creating some of the best in class floating structures across the world. Their recent creation was Krystal Hotel for the Norwegian city of Tromso, scheduled to open for public by December 2016. The hotel with a diameter of 120 meter will have 86 rooms, conference rooms, spa & wellness facilities which ...

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