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Sell Your Car In 3 Easy Steps


The automotive industry is dynamic and vast, accounting to thousands of jobs in industrialized countries. Developing countries often look to their local automotive sector for economic growth opportunities, particularly because of the vast linkages that the auto industry has to other sectors of their economy. Mechanization of auto production has also been transformed over the past century, led by the ...

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Best Online Marketplace To Buy & Sell Your Vehicle In Srilanka


With profit margins in the new car sales business undergoing continual erosion, high revenues no longer equate automatically with high profits. The global recession has also reset the automotive industry landscape. As a result, the new car sales business makes only a small contribution to profits. But the used car industry has transformed from a bumpy ride, to a smooth ...

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Convert A Traditional Watch To A Smart Technology Platform


Five decades ago, people mainly wanted super precise quartz watches that you could simply replace if it stopped working. Well-known brands have all produced watches with digital capabilities. They could store bits of information, crunch numbers and even let you play some basic games. In terms of functionality, watches simply shrink many of today’s smartphone’s features into a form factor ...

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Reinventing Hardware Engineering


Fictiv is reinventing the way hardware is prototyped. They offer an online tool for hardware engineers to order 3D parts from a network of idle printers. Their highly—curated network enables better lead times and prices for engineers, while helping vendors improve the utilization of their printers. The team is working on a mission to become the most trusted partner for ...

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Want To See Your Car Through An App?

Seamlessli-01 is a Mobile App that lets users where their car is through their mobile app. The device plugs into the car and continuously updates on the cloud servers on the status. The triggers are passed onto the car owner at regular intervals even though the user don’t find time to open the App to check the status of the ...

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