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Fashion For The Perfect Men and Women


The word “fashion” in the today’s world is no more a privilege of a select few but penetrated every household across the globe. Here’s to the revolution technology has brought in, which has changed the entire façade of the fashion industry. A decade back, no one could fathom that clothes could actually  be bought in from being in the  comforts ...

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Get Trendy Street Style Looks From Top Fashion Bloggers


Since you’re reading this article, we are going to assume that you’re gorgeous, fun, interesting, and already have the fashion basics. Style without trend can be boring. Building a solid closet foundation with the basic needs can add a little bit of spice to set yourself apart from the rest and look up-to-date. It can also challenge your personal style ...

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Fashion Technology For Discovery, Search, Comparison & Tracking


The influence of technology in fashion is so phenomenal that it has already taken place and is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. Technology has positively influenced the fashion industry in so many ways. We can go on and on talking about it. The power of technology in the fashion industry is very impactful. As technology continues to advance, ...

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Your Go-to Website For Event Fashion

The Dress Registry-02

Dressing a room for an event is an art form! Getting dressed before hosting, attending, or accompanying someone to an event is key to success. Understanding dress code terminology is key to meeting the demands of guests or hosts. The first rule in dressing for an event is to understand the invitation. Determine the importance of appropriate dress through the ...

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Ordering Your Custom Fit Shirt Takes You Just 5 Minutes


As men we all have our set of challenges when it comes to finding clothes we find flattering on ourselves, otherwise known as dressing for your body type, shape or fit. But if chosen well, the right clothes can hide the features we don’t like about ourselves and accentuate our best ones. Fashion rules to live by when dressing for ...

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Marketplace For Tattoo Artists Across The Globe


A tattoo artist designs and applies images to people’s skin using indelible inks. Tattoos have existed in human culture since time immemorial. Before the introduction of the written word, the ancient people of Europe painted themselves and their surroundings with ornate designs. Likewise aboriginal people all over the world continue to use a variety of natural materials to indelibly mark ...

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Crowd Driven Marketplace For Wedding Photography


We live in a digital age, so photographers need to locate and interact with customers wherever they live within the digital space. Some great free and cost effective web tools to market, manage and grow photography business is needed. Regardless of the technical background, photographers need to market their businesses online. There are many services available today either free or ...

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Your Favourite Sleepwear Collection


Women go to great heights to look beautiful outside of their homes during the day and during night. Nightwear, also called as sleepwear – is clothing designed to be worn while sleeping. The style of nightwear worn may vary with the seasons, with warmer styles being worn in colder conditions and vice versa. Most urban women would like to come ...

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Fashion Jewellery Meets Fitness


The accessories industry isn’t like any other industry though it accounts to the greatest number of competition in the fashion industry. So to succeed in the accessories business, a brand needs to manage more types of products than in virtually any other business. The product is valued much for men/women wearing it as it can fundamentally change the way one ...

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