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Connecting Youth With Community Organizations


As concepts of youth development needs to evolve and develop to ensure that sound models of implementation are concurrently developed if we have to achieve good outcomes for young people. Youth development requires a big-picture approach. In practice it should meet the expectations of theory. The gaps between the theory and real-world outcomes can only be bridged by firstly implementing ...

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Marketplace For Civic Participation


The definitions of civic engagement has a wide range activities; broadly, civic engagement is the collective work of individuals or groups (in some cases both) directed at positive community change. It also refers to the promotion or accumulation of knowledge, skills, values and motivation necessary to achieve community change. And can occurs through both political and non‐political processes. Examples of ...

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Donate $1 A Day To Your Favourite Cause


With charitable donations growing slowly, philanthropic groups are using the power of the Internet to expand their fundraising to a mass audience at a much lower cost than traditional methods. Since the earliest days of the internet, people have used it to solicit and organize groups of people to participate in projects in small and big ways called crowdsourcing. The ...

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Be Part of Change Through Social Information


Digital networking is an important aspect of innovation in the 21st century, while conventional networking remains every bit as important to leaders who make a difference. Highly connected people with broad geographic social networks are essential to the success of Social media sites. The power of social media lies in creating networks of people facing similar issues, quickly enabling them ...

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Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Platform


Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) is a suite of internationally accepted open standards for digital television. DVB standards are maintained by the DVB Project, an international industry consortium with more than 270 members, and are published by a Joint Technical Committee (JTC) of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). ...

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Better Way To Pay Traffic Fines


Government agencies across the world face problems in collecting money from motorists who violate traffic rules.It is a very complicated problem and most governments find it difficult or impossible to collect fines on time. On the flipside, violators know that they can’t avoid paying up those fines, but most of the times the delay is due to outdated systems followed ...

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Donations To Charity With No Actual Cash Spending


The objective of charity institutions is to provide services to the community without any monetary profits. For most charity organizations, the crucial relationship is shared with the funder, and not the end-user. The charity, to name a few is to address core issues such as youth or minority ethnic groups, health, irradiation of poverty, safer environment, crime prevention, education and ...

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Crowdfunding Enters Energy Sector


We’ve heard of crowdfunding concept enter almost every industry possible. The concept definitely opens on larger perspective for investors involved to ideate and come up with fresh and different thoughts to make the concept a big success. So far we had not heard of the concept entering the oil and gas sector. Conventionally, only endowment and pension funds could have ...

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