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Smart Chips To Manage Customer Loyalty and Engagement Programmes


Increasing market share is a primary goal of every business. The more customers shop with them, the more likely sales and profits will increase. Consumers, however, have many choices as to whom they purchase from, how they purchase (e.g: Internet, catalog, retail store etc), and where they purchase goods. Differentiating themselves from the competition is necessary for businesses to become ...

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Explore Your Favourite Brand & Earn Cash + Reward On The Go


A brand is a distinguishing name and/or symbol (such as logo, trademark, or package design) intended to identify the goods or services of either one seller or a group of sellers, and to differentiate those goods or services from those of competitors. The advantages of associating with a brand are many as they signal the customer on the source of ...

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Kitchen In An App: Visualize The Dish Before You Order


Traditionally a restaurant menu would have been a blackboard in a restaurant kitchen continuously updated through a service period to notify waiters of the price and the number of portions of different menu items delivered and remaining to be served. But, today menus are vital marketing tools and major factors in influencing guests’ first impressions of a restaurant and raising ...

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Professional Network For The Service & Hospitality Industry


‘Networking’ is the catchy word we hear in every conversation these days. Especially during tough economic times, ‘connecting’ seems like the only pro-active thing to do. If you haven’t kept up with acquaintances and colleagues, it’s never too late. And most likely, they will be thrilled to hear from you. The recent economic collapse has taught us to adapt and ...

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Use Your Zip-code To Find The Hottest Services In Your Area


Record numbers of people are starting a business and becoming their own boss and over 60% of these businesses are started from home. People are spotting gaps in the market and realizing there are customers for the skills, knowledge or assets they have developed through employment or personal passions. These entrepreneurs are using their home space to bring business ideas ...

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Want To Sell Your Product Or Services To Restaurants?


The restaurant business is tough, everyone involved knows it. Everyone looking to get in tries to hesitate and at times ignores it. For few opening up a restaurant may be one of the worst investments that could make them lose money. The failure rate is very high, around 90% of restaurants fail. Research proves around 60% of restaurants fail within ...

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Automating SMS Marketing For Small Businesses


Any marketing activity conducted via mobile device, such as a smart phone is called Mobile Marketing. It’s caught up like fire with the wide spread of mobile devices (which includes smartphones) with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas. Andreas Kaplan defines mobile marketing as “any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which ...

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Preservatives Made From Surplus Fruit


A preservative is a substance added to products such as foods, paints and wood to slow down the decomposition process. Foods are substances or mixture of substances both solid and/or liquid, which are intended for human consumption or ingestion for their nutritional of pleasurable benefits. Preservatives are meant to make products better; however, they have many disadvantages because of the ...

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FREE Program That Connects Customers & Brands Via Discounts


Customers love discounts & promotions. Majority of users follow brands via email & social media purely to receive discounts or special offers. Hence giving users something instantly for engaging with your brand can turn into instant sale. The truth is that many brands are availing themselves of the opportunity to understand their customers, young or old, using social media and ...

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Want Better Food For Your Office Canteen?


The rights to safe drinking water and to freedom from hunger are basic human rights and yet all too often ignored in the context of rights at work places. A fundamental responsibility for both employers and workers. They are an essential foundation of a productive workforce, and yet also all too often ignored in the context of productivity improvement and ...

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