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Selling Videos To Consumers Made Easy & Simple

Technology has changed the nature of sales and selling, and both vendors and consumers are beneficiaries. The stereotype salesman portrayed in films is a sweating man who occupies a world of sleaze where anything goes, any lie or manipulation is justified if a sale is made. There is a myth that the people who go in to sales are pushy, aggressive and dishonest. Oddly, many suggest that people go into sales because they aren’t capable of other more skilled, intellectual careers.


The age of ethical selling is emerging, the ethics are rewarded as their good reputation grows in the social media sphere, just as those that offer poor service are penalized by disgruntled customers openly discussing their experiences online. We all know that content is king on the Internet; and when it comes to types of content, it looks like video is at the top of the food chain. In the age of the Internet, all in the company must have the remit of sales, all must be aware that it’s not just about the sales force it’s about the whole team.

Using video online to sell in the right way will empower the goal of sharing information to improve sales & marketing objectives. Video is everywhere online, from feature-length films, to sales pitches, to amateur videos of people at the zoo. So, if you are trying to sell products or services, you may want to add video to your online strategy as consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video.It is important that vendors respond to the changed world and Video Marketing is an important tool to incorporate into the sales process.

Video viewership has reached record numbers. Chances of consumers purchasing a product or opting for a service after watching online video is high. Video consumption via mobile and social is gaining traction, 1 in 4 shoppers are consuming more video via mobile and tablet devices. Tablet user experience is positive and productive, around 58% watch 2 or more videos via their tablets. Study confirms that tablet/smartphone sentiments are seen except that tablet viewers are more poised to purchase. Retailers have integrated videos into shopping experiences.

Gbox-02 is a video platform for the open web where creators can sell their videos directly to consumers. The videos made on Gbox are for YouTubers, Multi-Channel Networks or other video creators. They provide monetization and distribution tools for creators who can easily setup and control digital release windows to optimize their income streams.


Gbox can choose to charge (Micro)payments, subscriptions, or ask for voluntary contributions. They can also select sponsorship’s, advertising and e-Commerce for monetization. Unique scarcity and viral features drive distribution. Gbox personal is another offering for viewers that makes it easy for them to access, share and engage around videos, where, when and how they prefer. One login and checkout process across the web provides an unprecedented level of convenience to Gbox users.


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