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Next Generation Social Media For Group Meetup & Group Dating


WEG2G social site stands for “We Go Together, We Get Together, We Group Together”. It is an emerging social network where you can build your own real community on the web via group meetup. Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – the popular social networks virtually, WEG2G primarily focuses on developing Groups and organizing small group Meetups in the real world. WEG2G is an ideal platform for those who are not just looking for new friends but a group of friends who shares the same likings and interests.


WEG2G connections allows users to effectively and quickly manage existing friends and acquaintances while giving an option to add new ones to the list. A multitude of connection-related activities like chatting, sending messages, setting up profiles or checking for profile views can be accomplished securely with the platform. Group together with existing connections or invite and get together with your friends for special events, whatever your connection based social activity; Connections feature will aid you in managing the task in an effortless and safe way!


Creating groups online on popular social networks is a trend lately but seldom does any group meet in the real world. In respective of how many times the members of the group interact with each other, they never meet each other in person. Some of key WEG2G Group highlights are : Group Identity, Group Reliability Index, Group Dating, and Group Timeline

G2G Plans

A Plan is basically a meetup set up by any 2 WEG2G group members where they can meet and greet each other. Unlike events, a Plan is limited to a group only. The group Lead can post a Plan or accept other group’s plans. A group can’t plan more than one meetup at the same given time and date. A maximum of 7 plans are only allowed per week for a Group.


Events section on WEG2G is very much similar to the one on Facebook where one can post or schedule an event and invite their friends and acquaintances to attend the events created by them. Creating and managing events section on WEG2G is quite simple.

WEG2G is a group meet-up and networking social site from Washington DC.

It mainly fills the gap between online social sites and online dating sites.

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Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

Your support through any of the social groups is highly appreciated, this will also help them grow their network through you.

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