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Movie Discovery Platform For African Film Industry

The social movie platform industry serves to bring together movie buffs, artists and all others involved in the industry. Number of movie platforms have now emerged for movie fans in every country.

The platform also acts as a new talent discovery place. The platform enables movie buffs to follow their favourite celebrities, movies and also stay updated with auditions, jobs and much more.The platforms can act as a meeting place for talented people and people looking out for them.


Fim Village is a platform that’s dedicated to upcoming and Latest African Movies. A first ever platform built to focus on African Movies.

The site is a place for African movie critics, reviews, celebrity directory filled with filmography and games. Movies are rated by the users and each user can like or add a movie to the wish-list of favorite collection.


The site acts as a town-hall for members to discuss about the growing industry.

The site is addressing the current challenge and concern to connect all relevant people from African movie industry on a single platform. This is much needed for a growing industry like African entertainment industry.

The site has many features like related news for all involved in movie industry, rating system from audience and critics, celebrity fame rating along with fan followers and much more.


The is the first and the only movie platform for African movie industry.

The site is expected to launch their full service during September 2014.


Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

Your support through any of the social groups is highly appreciated, this will also help them grow their network through you.

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