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High Quality Lead Generation & Cross Selling Programs For Enterprises

The advent of globalization has increased competition for enterprise businesses, while easy access to more information has created better-educated consumers and more segmented markets. Differentiating products and services in the crowded global marketplace and doing what it takes to generate and increase sales is more challenging now than ever before. As a result, savvy enterprise businesses are increasingly turning to sales and marketing specialists to help them boost their numbers. Qualified lead generation is a valuable aspect of a sales team in an organization. Lead generation has dynamically changed as a result of many factors such as social media, email campaigns, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Technology to name a few. Leverages strategic marketing and technology to generate leads with consumer intelligence has shown results and has been successfully working for many organizations.

Quantity and quality are two very different goals and meeting the demand for quality requires efforts by marketers as well as resources from the channel partners they select. Lead generation and the ability to turn those leads into quantifiable results–an active customer– is an important driver of the marketing and sales relationship. In fact, more than 80% of marketers feel that generating high quality leads is the most toughest marketing challenge. Marketers need and expect more accurate level of actionable information, which is why lead generation capabilities to serve marketers becomes important. As It is vital to understand and utilize the capabilities of each stage to strengthen the relationship during the transition from prospect to customer.


We live in a community which is mostly driven by results. A recent study shows more than 80% of the most successful companies would like first and foremost to automate their sales platforms in order to be able to close sales faster. Smart businesses are discovering the streamlined effectiveness of automated lead generation systems. A comprehensive automated system with the capability to generate and deliver real-time visible reporting is where organizations are seeing results. The nature of these reports must be detailed and track behaviour that makes you aware of how to target existing and prospective customers with the relevant information required to convert them.


Customizing marketing, business development and lead generation services to meet your specific requirements of an organization is very important. Marketing intelligence to accelerate buyer engagement and drive sales and marketing enablement to provide intelligence driven marketers the tools they need to drive real revenue for their brands is where technology is playing a role. Marketers with real-time visibility of technology professionals‘ buying process and specific online interactions to strategically identify the right audiences and the best pipeline opportunities is what can change things for enterprises.

Auctio has the technology and team to launch and optimize referral and cross-selling programs for enterprise companies.

Their goal is to assist companies tap into an exceptional source of qualified leads to increase revenue and develop new markets. Their SaaS marketing platform introduces the right incentives to the right employees in real time in order for employees to identify business opportunities and submit qualified leads. Their dashboard and analytics tool help Sales & Marketing Managers leverage existing sales and account management activities.


Once leads are submitted and approved, companies follow their regular sales process and employees are compensated for participating in the program and on deals that close. It does not require additional ad dollars so Auctio also improves overall ROI for marketing initiatives.

Auctio is a strategic long term marketing initiative for businesses and a NEW marketing channel for Sales and Marketing teams in enterprise companies.


Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

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