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Content Recommendations & Discovery Platform – Highly Customisable


Traffic is important for a website or a blog, but not all traffic is good. Marketing your website or a blog is vital to drive traffic to your website. However, a number of website owners focus on number and not on relevant traffic. Getting relevant website traffic is not that easy! Attracting the right visitors is much more difficult than creating the actual website, and from getting just general traffic. You can have the greatest looking site in the world, but without relevant traffic, you’ll not have anyone look at your great work. Experts suggest every website owner needs to sit and analyze their website traffic on a regular basis. Website traffic can be driven by ads, social media, search engines, press release, links on other websites and other marketing methods.

Analytics is one of the most essential tool for your website or a blog. Most of the analytic reporting tools available in the market give a detailed reports on the number of people viewing your website, where they came from, how long they stayed on the site, gender, age, browser information and much details based on the tool you use. This information will come handy for keyword research, and to market some of the popular pages of your website.


The important numbers to review with your analytics reports, in order to tell if your traffic is relevant, will include the amount of pages that were viewed, the amount of time users spend on your site and the bounce rate (Bounce = one-page visit). More pages viewed and more time spent mean more engagement. Visitors who were more engaged on your site are the ones you want to focus on because they have a vested interest in your website content.

We all know content is vital to a quality website. Experts continue to stress the importance of having relevant and quality content posted on your website. As the search engines continue to release new updates pertaining to content quality, websites and blogs focusing more on quality content will continue to succeed. Text-based content is one of the important things the search engines care about. It’s a good idea to start offering something of value to your readers. Only when a reader finds the content useful, they would like to share it on social media sites. So, it’s a good practice to have a have a share and like buttons on your blog so that readers can share it quite easily.

The great thing about sharing content with your followers and friends is the fact that they are the people who are likely to buy from your company. These individuals already like what you are putting out there, and they want to see more of it. Their word-of-mouth marketing efforts can make a drastic difference in the amount of relevant site traffic you receive. If the content on your site does not provide the information needed by its users it will provide little in the way of value to your visitors who surf for information on many subjects. They require answers or solutions to their problems, needs, desires and wants.


8Bit is a content discovery platform with an initial focus on emerging market opportunities.

8Bit provides a suite of tools to online publishers that assists them in better understanding and growing their online audiences across various networks. 8Bit provides unrivalled control over the way publishers push their content to their readerships not only on their site and the larger 8Bit network, but also traditional exchanges like Facebook and Twitter. 8Bit has seen amazing traction in the African market and is the largest homegrown content recommendations engine in Africa and are in the process of setting up their network in Kenya, Nigeria and Denmark.

8Bit was named one of the top 10 startups in Africa by Web Summit and a top 10 startup in Cape Town by Forbes Africa.


Team eXi wishes them success in their journey.

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