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About us

Thank you for being part of our quest in exploring startup stories.

We are first of its kind to have a diversified industry specific online platform with an unbiased approach in featuring startups across the world and enable them in entering new geographies.

We hunt for high growth/potential startups, innovations, ideas and trends around the world, across industries and help them enter new geography, be it now or in the near future. We do this by creating valuable content on our platform (website) and social platforms to enable startups in building portfolios in multi regions.

eXpatideas is a small team of idea spotters who get a thrill in surfing the WWW for new startups. We get at-most kick in searching the internet for new startups and penning Entrepreneurs journey. Our intention is to be a long-term partner with the stories we feature by providing necessary accelerators/incubators to cruse them on top of their value chain. We carefully assess and feature only those companies who can cross all the geographical barriers to become a global company.

Our USP:

Unbiased Geography Coverage – We are not specific to a geography.

Early Coverage – We are much ahead when it comes to covering innovations across the globe.

More Than A Journal Site – We just don’t feature companies, we empower them.

eXpatideas is intended to be a reference site for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Curious Readers, Geeks, Techies and Business Grads who want to keep a close watch on global startups.

We are continuously working towards making our platform stronger and stable for startups to thrive in competitive markets. Hence we would like to hear from our enthusiastic community of readers about their thoughts and views on how we can provide more valuable content. Please feel free to write to us at for any feedback or queries.

Please write to us at if you like to share your startup story with us or if you come across a similar story that we cover to reach larger audience.

We look forward to hear from you!